Why Black Cat Security?

The Mistake 95% Of People Make When Looking For A Home Security System In Perth

So, you’re looking for an alarm system or camera system (or both) for your home or business.

Maybe you’ve been burgled and you want to make sure the burglars don’t come back. Or maybe you’re trying to prevent it before it even happens. Either way, you’re in the right place: because in just a few minutes, you’ll know the biggest things to look out for as you choose your installer.

Damian-1My name’s Damian, the manager of Black Cat Security. Together with my wife Adrienne and two of my sons, we’re proud to have built one of the most respected and trusted security companies in Perth — completely out of a desire to keep people like you safe at night.

You see, I’ve been doing this for nearly two decades. And before that, I was a policeman in the WA Police for eight full years. So over my career, I’ve seen a lot of Perth crime.

I know the kind of lowlifes that prowl our streets at night (I’ve put many of them behind bars myself). I’ve tried to console terrified old women who’ve been burgled, surrounded by their scattered possessions, shaking my head as I realise some scoundrel crook has just left a poor grandmother traumatised for life. And I’ve rushed to the aid of young people after a fresh robbery, desperately working until late at night to protect their home before the thieves return for second helpings. (I’ve even had a robber try to break into my home — which, thanks to our alarm, ended in a successful arrest 15 minutes later.)

So if you’ve experienced a robbery yourself, or you’re afraid it might happen, I completely understand how you feel.

In fact, my decades of experience in this work mean I have an on-the-ground perspective no ‘salesman’ or ‘tradie’ can ever truly understand. And thats why I’m in this business: because I believe nobody — you included — should ever have to be burgled.

But there are a lot of people who don’t know the fear of feeling vulnerable at night, wondering if your family will be a target. People who can’t relate to it, because they haven’t seen it and experienced it first-hand like I have.

And yet most people in Perth will buy a system from an installer like that.

Don’t get me wrong — there are some good installers in Perth. I’m fortunate to know some of them.

But there are a lot of others who simply couldn’t care less about you.

They don’t know what it’s like to work long hours, desperately trying to protect a young lady’s home before nightfall, then trying to explain it to disappointed kids why Dad was home late. (They just want to knock off at 5pm and watch TV.)

They don’t know what it’s like to wake up at 4am to help a panicked customer as trouble strikes and they don’t know what to do. (To them, it’s “just a job”, after all.)

They don’t know what it’s like to spend the effort to wire every cable neatly, take off their dirty boots on your carpet, and sweep up where they’ve been drilling. (That’s too bad — “that’s just what we ‘tradies’ do,” they say.)

And they don’t even care to be honest and upfront in their advertising — they’ll suck you in with low-price alarm “package deals” without crucial parts, then leave you vulnerable or mercilessly upsell you and rip you off afterwards. (That’s why you can never trust the ‘advertised price’ until you’ve checked it out properly.)

But at Black Cat Security, we aim to be different.

We’re not here to be just another ‘cheap alternative’ to your local tradie, or another ‘big chain installer’ with imported parts and doing everything we can to cut costs.

No. As the manager of this business, and with personal oversight over every single job we do, I give you my personal assurance that when you choose to be protected by Black Cat Security, we will treat you better than that.

That’s why I take the time to personally use my 8 years of Police experience to design the very best system for your needs and budget — not a one-size-fits-all ‘package deal’.

That’s why over 1000 customers have trusted us with their safety, including the WA Police, Western Power, and even foreign governments. (We have contracts other installers would die for — but as much as we’d love to name them, professional duty compels us to keep quiet).

And that’s why an astonishing 100% of our customers — in four annual independent surveys — said they would “unhesitatingly recommend Black Cat Security to their family and friends”.

It’s because we strive to treat you like family, while everyone else treats you like customers.

In fact, here’s a few more reasons you might want to consider using us to protect your home, instead of the ‘big boys’:

Why Choose Black Cat Security For Your Home Security System?

  • A truly personal touch. From quotation, to installation, to ongoing support, with Black Cat you’re dealing with only me as your technician, and my wife Adrienne as office support — and we’re there at the drop of a hat to help you with any issue. (You will not get this kind of service from anyone else.)
  • A system designed with Police know-how. Most installers are tradies with no Police experience (ask them), so you get a ‘standard’ alarm — which any good crook can beat easily. But with 8 years as a street-hardened policeman, I know how thieves really get in — and I will build the safest system for your needs and budget.
  • Premium systems for peace of mind. We invest in 100% genuine, high-end Australian Bosch gear, which doesn’t break down like the cheaper imports some others use. So when you’re away, you can rest assured it’s still guarding you.
  • Remotes that can save your life — literally. Your Black Cat system packs a remote that can control your alarm or even summon help at a touch — even if you’re not inside! (It’s perfect if you’re elderly or live alone.)
  • Trusted by 1000+ family and industrial customers. If we weren’t providing a great service, a small family business like us wouldn’t be around long. But the fact that we’ve done alarms for WA Police, Western Power, foreign governments, Video Ezy chains, stores, offices, factories, detention centres, and over a thousand homes proves that there’s something about the Black Cat experience that’s more than your average tradesman.
  • Personal round-the-clock monitoring for YOUR alarm. You can get a dedicated guard watching your Black Cat alarm and ready to call you (or Police) at the first sign of trouble, so your house is always protected. In fact, you can even monitor it on your phone, so you’d know the instant someone was there!
  • Get Police or Fire Brigade rushed to your house 24/7. Your Black Cat alarm can be set up to have police or fire brigade called automatically for a burglary or fire—even if you aren’t home at the time.
  • Watch your home from anywhere in the world. Our HD camera systems can be set up for viewing on your phone. So in combination with our remote alarm control, you could literally be on a beach in Bali and be able to check that all is OK back in Perth.
  • The kind of customer service you’d wish for your mother. With a staggering 100% customer satisfaction, four annual surveys in a row, Black Cat Security is our family-run business that knows how to treat you like family.

Now you might have noticed that other companies advertise ‘packages’ with a fixed price tag on them, or they’ll even offer to beat anyone else’s prices by 5%.

To be honest, I think that’s ridiculous.

Aside from what I said before about companies suckering you with a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ deal, the fact is that good-quality alarm or camera systems with good-quality parts and good-quality work can’t be had for ‘bargain prices’. And I have always refused — and always will — to compete on ‘price’, because I will not lower my standard of service to my clients just to save a few dollars.

So if you want the “cheapest” security installer in Perth, we are not that company. Maybe a big chain installer is, or a local tradie doing an illegal cash job. But we don’t do that.

However, even though we’re not “cheap” (in a bad way), we are incredibly affordable (in a good way). In fact, in one of our “100% satisfaction” customer surveys, our customers consistently rated “competitive prices” and “value for money” in their top reasons they were delighted with our service. I think I can honestly say our systems are the best value for money you’ll find in Perth.

But we don’t advertise ‘one-size-fits-all packages’. As I said, I will personally take the time — at my expense — to check your house, review the weak points using my Police experience of where burglars would get in, and advise you on the best way to protect against that. That is my commitment to you — and that is why I don’t offer you an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution.

But if you’re reading here, I know you’re serious about getting an alarm or camera system. So I want to tell you about something:

An Offer You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

See, we’ve literally only just set up this website. I’ve carried on this business for almost 20 years entirely offline, and we’ve had plenty of business.

But my son recently persuaded me that in 2016, it was time that we ‘got connected’ and went on the web. That’s why you’re reading this now.

We’re still trying to iron out how it all works — and that includes seeing whether it’s worth it to us. So while we’re in these early stages, we want to offer you a gift as a token of our thanks.

If you call or email us, and quote the code ‘bc-web’, we’ll still give you a free quote, as normal. But if you decide to get a system with us, I will personally pay $25 out of my own pocket toward the cost of it. Consider it my thanks to you for being one of our first ‘online’ customers.

So, our incredibly generous offer to you is this:

If you call or email us with this code, and request a free quote, I will pull out my diary, write your address down, and make it a point to rush to your door as soon as I possibly can.

You’ll get me, one of Perth’s most experienced security installers, at your home… inspecting it at my expense… and you’ll get a plan and quote for a custom alarm or camera system, designed to be the best possible system for your home.

Now, this is entirely no-obligation. So you could call me out, get my quote, and then rip me off by going elsewhere. But I think that once you see that Black Cat Security walk the talk — and that we really do offer the best alarms, at ridiculously fair prices, with the best customer service you’ve ever seen — you won’t really want to.

And if you then decide to go with us, and you’ve used the code ‘bc-web‘ to show us where you came from, I’ll personally pay $25 from my own pocket toward your system as a thank-you.

That’s the best deal I can afford to offer you, and I think it’s pretty fair.

However, this is honestly because we’ve just set up our website and want to get a feel for how it’s working. Once we get a steady flow of traffic, it will probably overburden us and cost me too much to keep doing it like this.

So please take me up on it now. All you have to do is use the box below — or call us on 9451 5551 — and quote the code ‘bc-web’ when you do, to get your FREE consultation and quote, plus my good-will $25 payment toward your system. We’ll take care of the rest.

I truly hope to speak soon with you face-to-face, and to welcome you to a 1000+ strong family of Perth’s happiest and safest households.

Warmest Regards,

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Damian Throssell
Manager, Black Cat Security


For your FREE quote at our expense, contact us using the form below, or call 9451 5551. Quote code ‘bc-web’ to get your $25 co-payment.


P.S. I thought you might like to see what some of our previous clients have said about our service. Remember, we’re so confident, we’re happy to let you speak to any of our customers to ask what they think. Just ask us!

“One of the many great things about Black Cat Security is their ability to look after the ‘little man’ in this world of ours.  Their customer service is second to none.” – S Thomas

“I am always happy to recommend Black Cat Security to anyone who is looking for a quality security service backed by genuine, hard working people.  The management at Black Cat Security have really impressed me – I have been burgled in the past and this is what prompted me to speak to different home security providers.  Well I tell you what, some of them make you feel scared just having them in your home!  I couldn’t believe the scare tactics and lack of thoughtfulness they showed.  If you want to avoid that sort of experience all together just get in touch with Black Cat Security, because you’ll be treated courteously and the commitment of the owners to their business is second to none.  I doubt you would find people with a better attitude towards their customers and the service they provide in the security and surveillance industry in Perth.” –H Searles

“We initially chose Black Cat Security to be our security provider because of the Christian ethics of the company.  What further impressed us was the good old-fashioned friendly service we received, extremely competitive rates, the promptness with which all our queries and problems were dealt with and that attention to all the details that makes it such a pleasure to deal with the administration side of business also.” – D and R Milne

“Black Cat Security provide personalized and prompt service.  The owners Damian & Adrienne make you feel like a special customer and this hasn’t changed 18 months down the track.   Black Cat Security are frequently in touch with me by way of bulletins they send me and if I ever have a problem they are there for me at once.  Damian’s background in the Police force makes me feel secure about the advice I have been given.” – M. Blackburn 

“Black Cat Security have proved to us that they are as committed to after sales service as they are to seeing that you get the best security system for your individual circumstances.  Black Cat have stayed in regular contact with us since we first bought our security system.” – W & H Godwin

“What I like about Black Cat Security is that now the security system recommended to me has been installed, it does exactly what I was promised it would be able to do.  The quality of the equipment that Black Cat Security recommends is very, very good.  I also like the fact  that when I have needed their services they have always been easy to contact and the service is prompt.” – M Gustavino

“Everything was done to my specifications so I’d have to say that Black Cat Security are good at listening to what you want and delivering the result you want.  Their after sales support has been terrific!” – R Hamilton, Co-ordinator, Amcor

“I had Black Cat install a complete alarm system in the house on recommendations from a friend.  Being in the electronics/electrical field repairing equipment I am very impressed with the service provided from the installation of the equipment to the service provided afterwards. The problem solving due to some of the unique circumstances presented by my property was logically and professionally dealt with. I would recommend Black Cat’s services to anybody.” – P Allen

“…Thankyou for your fantastic response to a plea for help when our house was broken into.  From an initial contact on Tuesday to installation on the Thursday your compassion and understanding – not forgetting your professionalism – was fantastic.  I will be recommending Black Cat to my friends and colleagues”. – S Van Noord

“…Thankyou for your help, generosity of time and your knowledge – not to mention your kindness…” –  M Andel

So for your FREE quote at our expense, contact us using the form above, or call 9451 5551. Quote code ‘bc-web’ to get your $25 co-payment.