Choosing Someone To Install Your Home Alarm System Isn’t Easy.

You see, a lot of installers aren’t really looking out for your best interests.

Here’s four problems you’ll run into a lot:

Problem #1: They don’t care about you.

Big companies treat you like a number; your local tradie might just be after a quick buck. Either way, it’s hard to find someone who’s really looking out for you.

Problem #2: They use cheap parts.

Imported alarm systems are less reliable, and yet most installers in Perth only offer these cheap imports, and don’t even give you the option of quality Aussie parts.

Problem #3: They use sneaky pricing tricks.

Some companies suck you in with too-good-to-be-true pricing… then hide the extra costs in the fine print. But how’s the ordinary homeowner supposed to know?

Problem #4: They don’t take pride in their work.

Unfortunately, a lot of installers couldn’t care less about running cables neatly, sweeping up their dust, or taking off their boots on your carpet. That’s just what tradies do, right?

But at Black Cat Security, we aim to be different.
Here’s why.